"Entrance not for everybody….for MADMEN only!"




In this blog Erickpardus wants to share his perception of himself and the ART and MUSIC in his LIFE… His art is his venue to explore the many levels of his SOUL, as well as the SOUL of those about whom he philosophies. He loves Mystery and the Unseen… Spiritual and ethereal soulful and deep are words that describes his work at best… This is the world he creates….Apprehensive to be completely open, because it is actually pretty convoluted and in many ways unacceptable to the mainstream…because he is a mavERICK… and a Steppenwolf…and a full-time GNU LINUX enthusiast..




2 Reacties

  1. Karin Grawe

    And I’m the Madwoman, who does respect and admire his being and doings……Eternal love xxx

    Geliked door 1 persoon

    23 april 2011 om 09:24

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